Welcome Coaches Console Members

Are you a member of The Coaches Console ® Community? Then, you have come to the right place if you are looking for exclusive access to our project-based packages designed to solve the most common dilemmas you may be facing in building your coaching business and automating your back office systems with the Console.

We have a variety of packages for you to choose from. These projects are designed specifically for The Coaches Console® system and complement the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Boot Camp activities.

6-Week Projects -- designed to result in a specific system within your Console as stated below

6-Week Customized Packages -- ideal when you need a little of this and a little of that project to fill your needs

5-Hour Do-it-Yourself Package -- for the do-it-yourself coach who wants 1-on-1 training or needs assistance learning how to leverage your Console. These hours must be used within a 30-day period.

Monthly Recurring Package -- this package is only available once you have completed a 6-week project and need ongoing support. No monthly commitment.


6-Week Project Packages

Set Up My Free Offer System


Come with your Free Offer in hand and we'll work together on setting up your Free Gift page, Opt-in Form sidebar box, 5 Auto Responders, Sample Session Sidebar box and your Sample Session Calendar. At the end of this 60-day project, you'll be ready to announce your presence online and locally.

ONE PAY $597 2-Pay $650



Automate My 2 Key Marketing Systems

This 60-day project will focus on setting up and automating 2 of the 6 Key Marketing Strategies. We'll work together on creating the automation needed for driving traffic, collecting names, following up and delivering the content.


One Pay $597 2-Pay $650



Set Up and Brand My Public Portal

You deserve a professional online presence that speaks to your target audience. We'll work together on branding your Console public portal to do just that. You provide the content, and I'll provide the flair with this 60-day project.

One pay $597 2-Pay $650



Set Up My Agreement/Invoicing System

Getting paid on a regular schedule is a great way to manage your business economics, don't you agree? Having an agreement that spells out what coaching is, your standards and expectations, and the financial details all in one place is the key. We'll work together to customize templates that suit your coaching model and products that make it easy for prospects to understand and say "I Agree".

 one pay $597 2-Pay $650 



Create My Private Client Experience

They say you only have 30 seconds to make a first impression, so let's make it great. Once your prospect says "I Agree" they will start the process of getting oriented and ready to coach with you. Together, we'll determine which forms they'll need to complete, what instructions or next steps you'd like them to perform, and how you'd like to engage with them over the next 60 days. We'll leave no stone unturned and leverage every opportunity with a variety of autoresponders.

 one pay $597 2-Pay $650



Design My 1-on-1 Coaching and Product Package System

Every successful coach needs a 'store' where 'visitors' can browse your wares and make an informed decision to buy. Your Console has everything you need to open your doors and showcase your coaching packages and products. Bring your current coaching process with you and let me set up your online store with pricing, drip responders, images, and integrate with your Shopping Cart and/or PayPal accounts.

one pay $597 2-Pay $650 



Customize Your Project Package

This package is ideal for when you need a little bit of this project and a little bit of that project to create a customized solution. This package must fit inside the same time frame and parameters as the project packages (and doesn't include setting up online courses). A 60-min Strategy Session plus up to four (4) online sessions are included for checking in and accountability.

 one pay $597 2-Pay $650



Miscellaneous Packages

5-Hour Do-It-Yourself Package

This package is ideal for the do-it-yourself coach who needs specialized training, tweaking or help with leveraging their Console outside of the project packages. Up to 5 hours to be used within a 30-day window.

one pay $297



Ongoing Maintenance Package

Ideal for use after a 6-week project to take care of ongoing tasks, such as processing new clients, enrolling members through the orientation process, processing invoices, sending client communications. Includes two (2) online sessions a month for checking in and accountability.

 $397 per month




 If you'd like to schedule a 30-minute interview and see if we are a fit, just click here to access my Calendar or email me at dorothy@virtusite.com.